Daviess County YSA

Did You Know?
The fastest way to get game cancellation information is on our Facebook feed at www.facebook.com/facebook. The DCYSA board typically makes the decision the morning of the games, but the ultimate decision lies with the Daviess County Parks Department. After all parties are consulted, we make a post regarding cancellations on Facebook.
Weather Delay Policy
If games are in progress, at the first sound of thunder or lightning, the playing field must be cleared for 30 minutes. If anytime during that 30 minutes it thunders or lightning again, a new 30 minute period must start. Players must take shelter in the concession stand or their family vehicle until it is decided conditions are safe to continue play. The DCYSA Board may decide to cancel games after upcoming game times and future weather are discussed.
Spring 2020 Schedule (Sign-ups in February 2020)

There are no upcoming events.